How much would recurring events aid your organisation?

A recent blog on, from LindseyM, is appealing for users to contribute towards the seed funding of a 'Make it Happen' iniative.

Make it Happen! enables users of civicrm to contribute to specific projects, a key driver behind improving and adding to features of the software. For a proposed feature to become a Make it Happen! initative, seed funding of a third of the overall cost of the project must first be secured.

LindseyM appeals for other users of CiviEvent to help out if the following functionality would be of use;
- create events/courses that run for a number of weeks/months eg weekly events or a course that runs for 10 weeks, three times a year
- re-use previously created schedules
- assign people to these ongoing events at any stage
- create and assign people to smaller groupings within a weekly event
- record attendance and report on this, by individual/event/small group and by week/month/course. Reporting could include mapping trends over a number of months, flagging up and emailing people who haven’t attended for a certain number of weeks etc. Reporting could also flag up children whose age means they should move up to the next group.
- hierarchy recurring events so that attendance trends can be mapped for ‘all Sunday school groups’ as well as the five age group classes within that
- record notes about an attendee on a particular week/course
give remote group leaders the ability to record attendance for their weekly groups. Report on this, reflecting current group hierarchies in Civi.

To get involved, comment on the blog here.