The word Data with illustrated with people

We are about to launch our new affordable Data Analytics Service for the Third Sector. In preparation for this we'll be engaging our clients with a series of mailings and webinars related to data. 

Come to our lunchtime webinar

Thursday 8th Feb 2024 at 12:30 till 1:30

We’ll show you how we can transform your CiviCRM data into rich interactive maps that show you where you’re delivering impact.

We’ll also share with you the work we’ve done with our partner organisations who have helped us to develop our affordable Analytics service. You can read about our UKRI funded research project here. 

Find out what you can do now to get ready to harness the power of your CiviCRM data.

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Data is your greatest strategic asset

Visualising your CiviCRM data in a Data Analytics dashboard can deliver insights that will help you to understand the impact of your activities every day. This will enable you to increase your overall efficiency and your ability to respond to change. Data Analytics will supercharge your reporting tasks and save you many hours (or even days!) reporting to stakeholders.