GDPR communications extension due for release in February 2018

When released, Circle will be routinely installing the new GDPR communications extension to all our hosted CiviCRM clients.

Being developed by the CiviCRM community, the extension will assist organisations using CiviCRM to become more compliant under GDPR by for example, increasing recording of changes to contacts' communication preferences and allowing you identify contacts that should be reviewed or removed from your database.

The first version of this extension will:

  • provide users with a new GDPR Dashboard

  • allow you to record the data protection officer for your organisation

  • show a new tab 'GDPR' in contact summary will display group subscription log for the contact

  • let you custom search 'Search Group Subscription by Date Range' 

  • allow you to access a list of contacts who have not had any activity for a set period of days 

Further releases will bring:

  • user friendly communication preferences - explicitly worded opt in mechanisms.

  • a forget me process - which will anonymise the contact without losing financial or any other history therefore keeping the performance history of the organisation in tact.

  • communication preference to include medium - for example, happy to receive email newsletters but please don’t send me any other emails.

The release of the first version is anticipated February, 2018.