It's official: the Circle crew are awesome at frisbee golf.

Our team enjoyed a fantastic day out in nature on Friday, and we all - amazingly - returned with our heads intact, having whizzed round the course with flying style. And that's not to say it was easy - hitting those targets was actually fiendishly difficult! Fiendishly fun too though. 

We chose a day in the woods as a way to spend time together outside of our usual office environment. And after our morning of frisbee golf fun, we split into two teams to battle for the Mission Impossible trophy. 

We each had ten hands-on challenges to overcome, and had to work together to solve the puzzles, uncovering each other's strengths (and hidden competitive streaks) in the process. Tasks included passing nervous volunteers through small gaps in giant spider webs - no one got dropped - and replicating a lego pattern (see the image to your left) via the medium of shouting instructions at each other.

A few small fails and lots of laughs later, and both groups had bested the series of tricky tasks. Turns out we make a pretty great team - roll on Circle Away Day 2019!