Paddle boarding


Members of the Circle team enjoyed a very blustery afternoon of paddleboarding on Friday, to wind (not-quite-pun intended) down after a busy week at work.

With the summer heatwave well and truly over, we were faced with some challenging weather conditions - the normally flat waterways of Bristol's harbourside were as choppy as a Channel crossing. Not to be deterred, we soldiered on, battling through what felt like gale-force winds. 

Sidenote: for any readers who haven't attempted paddleboarding, the elements pummel your body like a sail - so the bigger you are, the more difficult it is to balance on your board. And although you can't necessarily tell from the photo, we've got some very tall people at Circle. 

So in we toppled, one by one. And if you live in Bristol - perhaps even if you don't - you'll know the city isn't exactly known for its crystal-clear waters. Not the most inviting prospect for a dip.

After all that exertion and submersion, we were feeling exhilarated and not a little soggy, so a reward of hot showers and then pints and chips at our local was the order of the day.

And if this doesn't sound like a glowing review, we're all keen to go back for more... but we might wait for a windless day next time.