CiviCRM Developer Training

After a break of 3 years, sunny Manchester saw the return of CiviCRM Development training. Attendees came from far and wide, including Berlin and Texas - it was great to meet everyone in real life! Members of the Core Team worked with us for 2 days intensively building on our knowledge.

As well as the basics of extension development, we got to see new exciting features such as the Form Builder / Form Action and Search Kit extensions expertly demo'd. These are certain to make application development easier and more flexible in the future. 

Search Kit is a new search interface which is a more intuitive and powerful search than previous search tools. It could replace traditional reports for example making things even better for our users, improving their experience. 

Form Builder represents the most ambitious improvement to CiviCRM since the project started and will fundamentally change the flexibility and customizability of the software. Form Builder could potentially replace all CiviCRM forms - they could easily be customised via a drag and drop interface, and work with ACLs and conditionals. 

Circle Developers are in Manchester for the Code Sprint, together with all the folks who have travelled far and wide to continue to collaborate, chat, walk and work together face to face.