With the growing impact of coronavirus, the last few weeks have been of intense preparations to ensure that Circle has a seamless transition into remote working. Continuity of our service is not only important to our business, but also to the more than 150 clients whose CRMs and website are hosted and maintained by us. 

Most of us are now working from home and the very few skeleton staff still in the office are expected to follow suit in the coming days. 

Over the past weeks, we have been ensuring that  everyone is able to log on to key systems they use from home and ensuring we all have the necessary VPN connections in place. Rest assured that any tickets and change requests will be dealt with as per normal during this period. 

Key to reducing the impact of this, will be how we communicate during this time. We were tested with a burst pipe in the building a couple of years ago and we did really well carrying on during that period of closure. It is however safe to say we all missed the social interaction and there was some relief when we were able to return to the office a couple of weeks later. At that time we modified some of our day to day communication internally and since then some of those routines have become an important part of the daily communication between most people here. That is now more important than ever as we experience intense changes to Social Distancing Measures. 

To reduce the risk of infection, face to face meetings are being placed on hold until the outbreak is controlled, so we encourage all our existing and potential clients to engage with us via GoToMeeting or Google Hangouts. If your organisation uses something other than these, just let us know ahead of the call so we can prepare accordingly. 

Another potential risk we have identified is that we could face multiple members of our team or your team falling ill at the same time. In order to mitigate the risk to client projects, we are therefore scheduling things to allow for more flexibility if we do have larger scale sickness to contend with. If your plans or availability may affect work you already have scheduled with us, please let us know.

If you intend to use your CMS/CRM in any way in order to support your own organisation's continuity plans and need our support or if you need any further detail on anything that may affect you, please get in touch at

We're confident these measures should give us the resilience to deal with these exceptional circumstances and will be publishing further updates on our website and in email as things change.


The Circle Interactive Team