CiviCon London is Less Than 2 Weeks Away

CiviCon London, Europe's largest CiviCRM meetup takes place next week - Thursday 25th - Friday 26th September - at Resource for London in Holloway. Covering all things Civi, within various sessions thoughout the day, it's the best way to meet and network with other Civi users and providers, and learn to get more out of CiviCRM.

The conference is designed for new and existing users as well as those considering CiviCRM as an option for their organisation (you do not need to be a techie to get something out of it!). Registration for tickets is possible via the website.

Sessions for users include:

  • CiviCRM for absolute beginners.
  • CiviMail - Easier Mailings: a look at theĀ email system as well as integration with Mailchimp.
  • Drupal Webforms and CiviCRM: capturing information about your users that goes directly into your CRM.

Sessions for implementors include:

  • Peer to Peer fundraising pagesa with marketing automations: a look at the personal campaign pages and integrating them with your events.
  • A business intelligence suite for CiviCRM: interactive cube reporting using Saiku Analytics.
  • Migrating to CiviCRM: a case study on th eincremental approach of migrating from a custom CRM to Civi.

There are also sessions for developers, that include:

  • CiviCRM 4.5 for developers: the new version of CiviCRM will make users and developers happier; API enhancements, popups, EntityRef, unobtrusive notifications, in-place option editing and more...
  • Using the Civi API: all you need to know about leveraging the Civi API.
  • Angular JS: using Angular JS to enhance user experience.

A full rundown of sessions for both Day 1 and Day 2 are available on the website.