CiviCon 2011

The purpose of the conference was a meeting of CiviCRM users, implementers and developers to share knowledge, experience and to discuss the future of the project and also to foster the all important community spirit which is at the core of the CiviCRM project. With attendees from five continents, it was very much an international affair.

We were very pleased to see a number of our own clients present, finding out how to embrace the power and scability of  the system  and get involved in the community. Anyone using CiviCRM; developers and users are stakeholders in this outstanding project.

Each block of sessions were varied so that individuals and organisations could attend a session that was appropriate for their use of the system. Some of the highlights of the session attended were;

The full programme for the day can be seen here. Videos of the sessions will be uploaded to the CiviCon website in the near future.

The conference was held at Skills Matter in London on the 22nd August 2011 and was entirely organised by volunteers.

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