Circle ready to help amidst Covid-19 emergency


With the changes and increasing uncertainty created by coronavirus throughout the world, we know that many charities, NGOs, professional associations, voluntary service organisations and businesses are feeling an impact to their activities. While some tech businesses have been able to carry on without too much upheaval, many organisations have seen their revenue slow down substantially. Yet others are finding they need to rapidly scale up operations.

At Circle we have decided that one way we can help during this crisis is by offering our basic CRM and website/CMS install free to use for the next 3 months. If you would be interested in that, please get in touch now.

If you have a larger project that will need some more work but you are unsure of your financial position, speak to us and we can offer more relaxed payment terms than usual, so you can use this time working from home and make sure your operations are streamlined once things go back to normal, with new systems in place.

Whether you would benefit from a holiday on your 1st payment, paying in small instalments or would prefer some free consulting to start drawing the spec of your CRM, gives us a shout. We’re open to other ways of providing help, just let us know how and we’ll try to accommodate other requests, where possible.

Look forward to hearing from you. 

Circle Interactive Team