Over the next couple of weeks, we're upgrading all Circle clients currently using v4.6 of CiviCRM to v5.8. We thought it would be helpful to explain some of the upgrade messages Civi will display / changes you might notice once we've done this...

  • Your new version of Civi will include the CK Configurator, which enables you to customise the toolbar buttons and other settings for your CKEditor (the wysiwyg editor you may use to write/style content for mailings, event descriptions, etc). To do this, navigate to Administer > Customise Data and Screens > Display Preferences and click on 'Configure CKEditor'. You can read more about these changes here.
  • In addition, CiviMail now no longer forces CKEditor to add html/head/body tags to email content - it is disabled by default. If you want to reenable this, navigate to the CK Editor configuration screen (see steps described above) and under 'Advanced Options' at the bottom of the screen and in the 'Option' field, select 'fullPage = true'.
  • There will be new default versions of the system workflow message templates for:
    • Owner notifications on personal campaign pages
    • Additional payment receipt or refund notification
    • Contribution invoice

If you have changed any of these messages, have a look at Civi's new default versions, and add in any relevant updates to your amended copies. You can find these templates at Administer > Communications > Message Templates > System Workflow Messages

  • The custom fatal error template option has been removed. If you use a custom template for this error message, please raise a support ticket with us in the usual way.
  • Finally, you'll notice a new permission called 'save Report Criteria'. This permission isn't granted by default, so if any of your Civi users create reports, you will probably want to give them this permission - if not, they will be unable to edit report criteria.

We hope that helps - but if you experience any difficulties with these changes, please go ahead and raise a support ticket, and we'll be happy to assist further.