At Circle, we take pride in giving back to the community with two paid volunteering days for every team member. Circle Developer, Angela, has spent her time volunteering for a youth group called R3, which welcomes young people from 11 - 25 years old. 

Find out more about Angela’s volunteering experience below. 


Why did you choose to volunteer for R3? 

I have been part of this youth group since my teenage years and it has helped me grow, overcome my insecurities, and make amazing friendships. 

I became a youth leader in 2013 to help other young people in the community. I aim to support and guide them so they can have the same positive experiences that I had growing up, enabling great friendships and helping them overcome the issues they may be going through, in a safe environment.


What difference does your time make?

It is so important to care for the mental and emotional wellbeing of young people in our community as young people face a lot of pressures in life, whether that is in school/college, social media, or even at home. 

Having this safe place where they can express themselves and are valued is very important. There are always lots of group activities where they get to know other young people, talk, share experiences and have lots of fun. 


What does the youth camp involve?

At the youth camp over the course of a week, these young people are separated into smaller teams where they get to participate in many activities and even enjoy competing with other teams. 

They also have morning life skills sessions, where they learn important skills and have group discussions. I am involved with organising and running the camp with other youth leaders.


Keep your eyes peeled for more volunteering accounts from the Circle team! If you’re interested in learning more about what we offer at Circle take a look at our latest opportunities.