How your CRM can drive your Christmas strategy


The Christmas period is the most valuable time for e-commerce, but it is also a very important time for volunteering, internal marketing, and event planning.

A CRM (customer relationship management) system can do wonders in simplifying your marketing activity during the turkey-eating season.

Find out how below. 


Christmas Mailings 

Although most marketing communications have moved online, it can make you stand out having print marketing materials. 

Using CiviCRM, you can create print letters, flyers, brochures, cards, and address labels from the contact information stored for your audience using the print/merge document function. 

As well as marketing materials you could even create Christmas cards for your clients and staff members as a thoughtful touch. 



Since Christmas is going to be very different this year, there won’t be the same party and events season but that doesn’t have to put an end to them completely.

Make good use of your webcams, don your Christmas jumpers, and turn that physical event into a festive virtual meet up or conference.

CiviEvent’s online registration feature means that people can easily sign up for events through your website, and automatically receive a confirmation email and a thank you message.

A feed on your website can also show your users which events are coming up soon. 


Customer segmentation

The beauty of using a CRM is that you can segment your customers or website users according to their previous actions on your website. 

For example, if you have noticed a pattern of people signing up to voluntary activities the week before Christmas, that is a good time to send a reminder email or a push SMS notification to those volunteers. 

Similarly, you can target loyal customers who start their Christmas shopping last-minute with prompts to visit your e-commerce site around the time of their usual purchase. 


Engagement beyond Christmas

After Christmas, you still want to capture the interest of your customers and website visitors throughout January and beyond. 

E-commerce customers who have bought their Christmas shopping with your store, may also be interested in your January sales and beyond.

Consistent engagement with your first-time customers is a great way to transform them into a loyal customer. This can be done with promotional email or newsletters within your CRM

Plus, although many people link volunteering with Christmas, they may have enjoyed the experience so much that they would like to be informed of other activities that they can sign up for.

This could also be a chance for your customer service team to get in touch directly for a more personal approach. 

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