Data illustration

Analytics dashboards transform the complexity of your CiviCRM system into compelling, easily digestible visual information.

Enhance your organisation's ability to effectively communicate impact, while significantly reducing the time taken to make reports. It will streamline your operations, and foster a culture of transparency in your organisation.

Making decisions based on up to date data will give you a strategic edge in maximising efficiency. By leveraging the power of Open Data you’ll understand your organisation’s activities in the broader context of the UK. It could enable you to amplify your impact in those communities most in need and optimise your fundraising campaigns.  

Analytics can also help you to identify risks and opportunities. Analysing outcomes and impact data leads to better program design and improved strategic planning, therefore increasing your ability to adapt to change.

By visualising your CiviCRM database with UK Open Data, you’ll have confidence that your decisions both align with your organisation’s mission, and amplify your impact in the community.

Time Saving and Efficiency

Data analytics gives you a clearer view of your service users and activities every day. It can deliver insight that will help you to understand the impact of your activities. This will enable you to assign resources in the most efficient way and respond quickly to change. 

It can save you hours (or days even!) fulfilling your reporting requirements.


It can help you understand where to allocate budgets and make better predictions with your financial forecasting. 


It can help you target your communications and understand which platforms and audience segments you should focus on to increase donations. It can also provide evidence of the impact of your campaigns to gain even more support.


Analytics will save you time and enable you to report accurately and in detail to stakeholders, and prove the effectiveness and impact of their work to gain more budget and support. Transparency is also a key factor in trust and bolstering a charity’s reputation.

Long-term strategy 

A clear view on your data can help you more confidently plan in every area eg. staffing, asset management, marketing and communications and meeting the needs of your service users.


Combining your own data with Open Data can provide a 360 degree view on everything your organisation does and the communities you serve, uncovering hidden relationships and correlations. This will increase your ability to respond to change.

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