Online CRM Systems

Increasingly important these days, CRM provides support to 'front office' business processes, including sales, marketing and service. If you're struggling with a mess of spreadsheets, an old database and somebody's Outlook address book, we can help.

With an online CRM system, each interaction with a client is simply added to their contact history – and your staff can retrieve this information instantly even when they're working remotely.

One of the main benefits of this contact history is that your clients can interact with different people or different contact channels in your organisation, over time, without having to repeat the history of their interaction each time.

Your staff can log contacts and continue contributing to the day-to-day process of lead generation, sales and marketing while out on the road or working from home. We can integrate this with the marketing side of your website so leads from online form submissions are fed directly into the database for swift and efficient follow up by your team.

Our fully managed, highly scalable, no-hassle CRM database runs on high availability secure servers. Your data is backed up twice a day for complete peace of mind – plus we'll keep your installation up to date with all the latest versions of the software.

No Downloads – no software to Install

We handle all the hosting, database management and software installation for you. That means you can concentrate on your day to day business, with no additional IT overheads. Our ultra reliable, high performance Cloud Platform means your system is always available for all your staff – wherever they happen to be working from.

No Licence Fees

Whether you have 5 staff or 500, you don't need to worry about the ongoing cost of licence fees – because CiviCRM is Open Source software. You only pay for hosting and (optional) support. Our fully managed solution starts at just £40/month. Plus we have no per user data storage limitations.

Read our Introduction to CiviCRM to find out more about this remarkable free software.