At Circle Interactive, we prefer to use open-source software as a basis for developing our web applications. ‘Open-source’ means that the software’s source code is open and available to the public, meaning anyone can inspect, modify or enhance the basic design. We prefer this for a number of reasons.


Primarily, open-source software is more robust and secure than proprietary alternatives. As the source code of the software is open and available to thousands of developers around the world, any bugs or weaknesses are spotted early and resolved quickly. 


Secondly, access to the source code of the software we are using allows us to modify parts of the program to tailor it to our clients’ needs. We can then release this development back to the community to help improve the software and expand the pool of resources available to users.


Finally, using open-source software means eliminating costly licensing fees, and also reducing development time which in turn leads to lower costs. This means that more of your resources can be dedicated to enhancing the user interface of your website and making an impact on the online community.

Is it open source all the way down?

No. We don't just use open source software because we like the idea of it. We are pragmatic professionals and we choose the best tools for the job. Having said that, nearly all the systems we use are actually open source.

More Information

You can find a full definition of open source software and a list of all the available open source licences at the The Open Source Initiative (OSI). 

If your organisation would benefit from our industry-leading open source expertise, please contact us on 0117 909 6967 or fill in our contact form.