Digital fundraising, also known as “online fundraising” is what it says on the tin. Fundraising online encompasses all of the great benefits of the internet, such as a worldwide reach and low cost, with a good cause. 

What the Stats Say

Of course, COVID-19 has accelerated the growth of digital fundraising in the past year with 60% of charities using this technique in the absence of face-to-face donations. 

With the huge popularity of social media, digital fundraising also allows your organisation to share links directly with your followers to donation pages. 

According to the Non-profit Source, 55% of users who engage with non-profits take action with 59% of those donating money. Plus, across small, medium, and large organisations, on average 7.6% of their fundraising revenue has been reported to have been raised online. 

Where to Start

As well as having an accessible website for your potential donors, your organisation must use a suitable contact relationship management system (CRM) to keep everything moving smoothly. 

A CRM integrates with your website to organise information, manage activities, and send communications such as email newsletters. Our CRM of choice, CiviCRM, was built for and by non-profit organisations which makes it an excellent platform for digital fundraising. 

Digital Fundraising with CiviCRM

CiviContribute is the element of CiviCRM that gives you the functionality to set up and personalise your organisation’s digital fundraising.  

With a donation page, your supporters can donate quickly and easily through your website. After the donor fills in a short online form with their contact details and payment information, their donation is processed and they are automatically sent a receipt (from their payment processor or your organisation) to their given email address. 

Watch our Tutorial on Creating a Donation Page with CiviCRM 

Set fixed donation values can be set by your organisation to encourage one-off donations that reach minimum payment amounts, offsetting processing costs or donating to the value of specific campaigns. 

Alternatively, you can also set up recurring payments so that members can donate a set amount at defined intervals. This provides a much more dependable source of monthly and yearly income for your organisation. 

CiviContribute Tools

Using CiviContribute, users can even create fundraising pages with personal campaign pages (PCPs) for individual donations. This function can encourage your members and previous donors to become advocates for your organisation and allow for further social media sharing. 

If you would like to get your digital fundraising in motion with CiviCRM, get in touch with us to discuss your project.