Built especially for membership and non-profit organisations, CiviCRM has several functions that make volunteer management simpler and easier. CiviVolunteer’s features allow for the recruitment and management of volunteers within your CRM. 

Find out how it can help your organisation below. 


Charity Projects

A project must be created to advertise volunteering opportunities and collect volunteering information on your website. 

If you have several charity events happening at one time, multiple volunteering projects can be run at a time.

Time frames can be set for projects if you link them to a certain event.

Plus volunteers can find projects in their area by setting up the location address.  

Volunteering Opportunities

Once your projects are set up you can move on to setting volunteering roles for opportunities. 

The roles set describe the type of voluntary work available such as “fundraiser” or “advice support worker”. 

CiviVolunteer has a few predefined roles to choose from but you can also add new roles to suit the needs of your organisation.


Volunteer Sign-up 

Volunteers can sign up for opportunities and register their interest through a sign-up form.

Once someone signs up, an assignment is created and this associates a contact with a volunteering opportunity.

Sign-up forms can be broad for all volunteering opportunities on offer, or specific to a project. 

To make charity events even smoother to run, if the project is linked to an event there will be a “Volunteer Now” button linked to the sign-up form. 


Registering Interest

Potential volunteers can register their interest in volunteering with your charity with another sign-up form. 

This is a great way of gauging how many people are interested in volunteering for a certain project or if there aren’t any opportunities available at present but there may be in the future.

As potential volunteers are unlikely to have access to your CRM this should be linked within your website so that they can sign-up without a login. 

Assigning Shifts

Once your volunteers are on board you can use CiviVolunteer to assign shifts to volunteers. 

Plus, you can monitor this as volunteer hours can be logged and reported on. 


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