We’ve rounded up the best CiviCRM learning resources for complete beginners, but here’s one for the devs with specialist sites to solve more technical problems.

If you are a Drupal or WordPress developer, CiviCRM is a great string to add to your bow as many of the developers in our team began this way and now work on CRM integration projects for a diverse range of clients. 

Whether you're completely new to CiviCRM, or want to continue your learning, this is a handy resource for those times when you get stuck or need to find more information. 


CiviCRM Guides

CiviCRM's developer guide is a highly detailed introduction to the tools and subsystems of the open-source software, as well as information on how you can write extensions to customise CiviCRM to suit your organisation's needs. 

The CiviCRM community has also created a guide for system administrators which includes information on the setup, upgrades, troubleshooting, CMS integration, and more.

This can be used with the user guide which gives an overview of CiviCRM’s functionality, set-up, and advice on how to organise your data. 



Stack Exchange has a dedicated CiviCRM page that includes questions and answers to problems related to CiviCRM. 

Seasoned Civi devs are on hand to help you get to the bottom of your questions with already 13,921 that have previously been asked on CiviCRM. 

To filter through these, you can click on specific tags or use the search bar for your query. 



There are 71 repositories dedicated to CiviCRM including projects on WordPress and Drupal integration, plugins, and documentation. 

As you know, the beauty of open source is that the community can build/adjust to the software as they see fit, and here you can see this in full force. 



Similar to StackExchange, StackOverflow has a range of questions and answers for and by CiviCRM developers. 

It is a treasure trove of information and resources whether you’re just getting started with CiviCRM or have been using it for years. 

Developer Discussion Room 

There is a Mattermost channel (an open source version of Slack) dedicated to developers where you can ask questions, share ideas, and network with other professionals. 

This is particularly useful if you need a quick response to a problem or someone to point you in the right direction. 



We offer bespoke training on CiviCRM for a range of abilities. This includes Drupal and CiviCRM courses, webinars, and even sessions at your office. 

Visit our training page to learn more about the services we offer.

We hope that this helped you to get well on your way to mastering CiviCRM!