Whether you’re learning the ropes with a new CiviCRM set up at your organisation, or are looking to fill an appetite for learning, we have gathered the most useful resources for CiviCRM. 

1. CiviCRM User Guide 

CiviCRM’s very own user guide is a great place to start when you’re first starting to use the software. 

The comprehensive guide has instructions on how to use each function as well as case studies of how other organisations have used them effectively. 

We would recommend bookmarking this website to refer back to for a quick recap on the functionality.

For the initial set-up there is also a configuration guide, but this is more geared towards those who have existing technical knowledge. 

2. Training Sessions

Although online resources can be helpful for a quick solution, structured training sessions are a great way to learn in a group environment and get tailored feedback from an expert. 

We can offer bespoke training for web administrators, plus online webinars and classroom-based training in London, Bristol, and Edinburgh to introduce your new CiviCRM system to your organisation or team.    

3. CiviCRM Events

As a community-based open source software, CiviCRM has a busy events calendar full of webinars and workshops. 

These events are typically held by CiviCRM members, such as web developers and CRM experts, who share their knowledge on a wide variety of topics and real world use-cases.

4. CiviCRM School 

Our YouTube channel is a treasure trove of step-by-step CiviCRM tutorials by our highly knowledgeable web developers. 

Subscribe to our channel to get notifications when new videos are posted and learn something new every week on CiviCRM, and its integrations with WordPress and Drupal.

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