Software Solutions for Third Sector Organisations

Challenges facing the Third Sector today include increasing demands for accountability and ever increasing pressures on funding. Organisations are being asked to do more with less, so professional support is becoming increasingly important.
We specialize in building and consulting on complex Drupal websites and CiviCRM database systems. We have completed dozens of projects based on this platform to create community portals that manage publishing, membership and large and small event organisation in the Third Sector. 

Added Value

Our preference is to work with open source software. As well as providing cost benefits, this ensures better security and faster development times. We feel this is particularly important when working with the voluntary sector and other publicly funded organisations where the ethos of sharing knowledge and peer learning is very much part of the value system.
In particular, the CiviCRM database has been developed with not-for-profit and advocacy organisations in mind. Many features are sponsored by organisations around the world with a similar ethos and requirements.

What you get

Our basic offering for the sector is a Drupal/CiviCRM based site in which member organisations can update their own details in CiviCRM, and parts of the database can be made searchable by the public.
Member organisations can have their own microsites with a simpler, stripped down branding, and elements of their own identity. Features include:
  • Easy publishing of news, jobs, events, articles and resources.
  • User interaction through blogs and fora.
  • Embed YouTube videos and other Social Media
  • RSS feeds in and out
  • Mass mailer for newsletters.
  • ... and many more.
Accessibility is particularly important in this sector, so it’s highly convenient that Drupal’s output is fully W3C compliant. Our designers produce clear standards-based templates that work well with all major accessibility software products.
For more information on how we make our sites accessible, please see our article on Designing an Accessible Website.
If you think we can help your third sector organisation use technology better, please contact us today on 0117 909 6967 or by filling in our online contact form.

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