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As experts in implementing and hosting membership management systems for organisations, we would like to think that we know our stuff. 

We use CiviCRM’s CiviMember feature which provides an extensive range of features for membership management. 

CiviMember is an integrated web content management system that allows you to publish content, maintain members-only resources, interact with members, host events, and accept membership applications. 

Efficient integration with other back-office systems such as Sage, Xero accounting software, and Outlook makes it a complete solution for your organisation. 


Membership Management  

If you’re looking for a membership management solution, CiviMember enables you to set up multiple levels of membership with ease.

Using this feature, you can attribute different membership lengths, grace periods and types of renewal.

Whether your memberships have a monthly, annual, or one-off billing cycle, this is simple to set up. 

You can also create ‘members-only’ areas that give access to special information for account holders on your website. 

This is a great way to share membership information and resources in one place. 


Membership Billing

You can bill and automatically collect member dues through recurring credit card payments or direct debit at frequencies that you define.

The system will also track payments such as subscriptions, event payments, advertising payments, and donations. 

This will provide you with a complete payment history against every contact. 


Email Newsletters

Another great CiviCRM feature is CiviMail

The highly functional mass mailer can automate email newsletters to users defined by you. 

users you define and can also provide self-service signup through the integrated website. 

To make communicating with your members even easier, newsletter content can be added directly to the website and automatically fed into the newsletter. 

You can also communicate via SMS if you sign up for an SMS service such as Clickatell.


Subscription Management

Subscriptions can be free to all, restricted to members, or available at additional cost.  

With CiviMember, you get a built-in, tightly integrated web content management system. 

This allows you to publish information to the general public, maintain members-only resources, and even run social media-type sections for members. 

And of course, membership applications and event registrations are included.


Membership Directories

It’s easy to manage a members’ directory – a simple directory is included in the setup, however, you can change the fields visible to the public or members. 

Your members’ directory could reveal the organisation name and logo to the public, but include a contact name and email address for privileged users, e.g. current members and staff.


Record Qualifications and CPD

If you help your members obtain qualifications and professional accreditations you can record this in CiviMember. 

Plus, if you manage the process of awarding the qualifications or accreditations, CiviCase can help you to monitor each application process.

We also build custom workflows to support organisations that have specific requirements using our extensive expertise in developing for CiviCRM.


If you would like us to help you provide a better service for your members, please do not hesitate to contact us today.


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