The internet contributes to 2% of the world’s greenhouse gases, and this is predicted to double by 2025.

This may come as a surprise as digital is seen as the eco-friendly alternative to pen and paper, but the powering of electricity is a key factor.  

As the climate crisis worsens, now is the time to make strides towards a greener website. Find out how you can make these changes below. 

Eco-friendly hosting 

Hosting can be the most detrimental element of your website to the environment as servers produce GHG gases.

Luckily Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have started to implement green policies for their data centres. 

If you want to go one step further than this, the Green Web Foundation has a directory of green hosting providers across 26 countries including the UK, US, and Europe. 


Effective SEO Techniques

The easier your website is to find on search engines, the more eco-friendly your website. This is because a Google search can create 7g of CO2, the same as boiling a kettle! 

To cut down on this, SEO (search engine optimisation) will minimise the number of searches needed for users to find your website. 

You can improve your SEO by increasing site speed, creating content around target keywords for your website, improving your website UX, and structuring headings and text clearly. Take a look at our SEO guide to find out more. 


Use of CRM Software 

Your CRM (customer relationship management system) is a key part of your website which will also aid in how sustainable it is.

The use of a CRM will enable your organisation to cut down on unnecessary emails and paper trails which saves on energy consumption and the trees.

CiviCRM is a great choice for this as it is open source, and developers have used open-source software as a way of cutting back on emissions. 

It is also sustainable from a social standpoint as CiviCRM thrives from its tight-knit community who also helps to maintain the software and learn from each other with frequent events.


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