Free Google tools - could your organisation be eligible?

In July, we wrote to all of our customers to advise that Google were changing the useage terms for their Google Maps feature which essentially means that organisations - regardless of status - need to set up billing in order to continue using this functionality. 

We understand that budgets are tight and any additional costs can be hard to absorb, especially for non-profits, but Google does operate a scheme that includes free credits for this tool and other Google services such as advertising and YouTube.

While this service has been in place since 2013, it appears many of our customers are unaware of it. As Google continue to review their terms of business, which can mean charges for services that were previously free, it’s well worth checking out if you are a non-profit, and definitely if you’re being asked to pay for services you previously didn’t have to pay for.

You can find out more about Google's services for non-profits here.

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