Drupal: An Introduction

Drupal is an open-source Content Management System (CMS), a software tool which allows the user to quickly add, edit or remove content from their website, such as text, images, events, special offers and newsfeeds. Drupal is highly reliable and secure, but stands out as a powerful CMS largely due to its flexibility. You can choose from a vast, constantly expanding selection of add-ons or ‘modules’ to build a website that matches the aims of your organisation perfectly.
As active members of the Drupal Association, we can design our clients a CMS which is tailored to their exact specifications and requirements. We then offer a range of training options so that staff are able to add text, images or anything else to their website without having to understand HTML code.
The basic features include:
  • Friendly URLs 
  • Easy to extend using Drupal's module framework
  • A personalisation environment for content and presentation based on user preferences
  • Role-based permissions to define access to viewing and editing content
  • Fully indexed content to support search
  • Easy to create new content types such as news, resources, events, blogs
  • Great separation of content, styling and business logic

For more detailed information on Drupal software, we recommend visiting the Drupal website.

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