Say Hello to Our Newest Customer Support Admin

It is our pleasure to welcome the latest addition to the Circle team, Coral, who has joined us as a Customer Support Administrator.

In this role Coral has the important task of supporting our clients, building trust, and delivering a high quality service.  


Find out more about Coral’s experience so far:

“Joining the team and on-boarding remotely has been very smooth for me, not only because I have worked remotely for a number of years, but also because of the support and patients of the team who are always willing to help or point me in the right direction.

I am new to the world of CiviCRM but am finding it very interesting. I am confident that through learning about the different ways our clients use Civi and with the support of my colleagues, I will get to grips with things very quickly. I am really looking forward to my future with Circle.”


This has been an exciting year at Circle HQ with the joining of new skilled members to the team. 

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