Say Hello to Circle Web Developer, Raymond!

It’s an exciting time at Circle as we have welcomed another new web developer to our technical team in the past month. Say a big (virtual) hello to Raymond who has joined us remotely from the Philippines.

As the newest member of the team, Raymond has shared his experience with us so far:

“The Circle way of doing things is awesome! I've been to many other companies and it's only in Circle where my first week has been dedicated solely for onboarding and orientation.

Moving forward the next few weeks, I was given tasks to work on and that too had been an awesome process as I got to immerse myself into the company's culture of openness and the different workflow.

Amazingly, each week, you get a new mentor in different areas of the company. Dev, Business, and Support among many others and that has given me immense insight about the company but more on Circle's initiative in ensuring that new members feel welcome and taken care of.

My role as a full stack developer specializing in WordPress and Drupal had given me many opportunities to grow especially with the heavy CiviCRM integrations I had to do. It's been fun learning in Circle where there's a chat group solely dedicated to questions, and no questions are stupid.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be of service in Circle and would definitely strive hard to ensure that I'll continue to be relevant as a developer and a peer to my fellow devs.

Loads of fun!”

We are hiring more talented people to join our team. Whether you are looking for an Account Manager role or are a web coding expert, take a look at our vacancies page to find out more about our exciting career opportunities.