New Design Collaboration with Luna 9

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with a Bristol-based design agency, Luna 9, to offer our clients an even wider range of digital services. 

Luna 9 specialise in making complex topics easy to understand, using website design, infographics, interactive journeys, branding and copywriting to engage audiences.

Their impressive portfolio of clients include large brands such as the World Health Organisation, NHS, Dyson, and Fujitsu. 

 “We’re excited about the potential of our partnership with Circle. The most successful projects we work on are when we collaborate with people who are passionate about creating tools and communication that make things simpler for users. When we all get together to share ideas, from the technical to creative, it opens up all kinds of innovative possibilities.”

Luna 9 Founder & CEO, Michael Green

Building on our shared mission to make the complex simple to create engaging online experiences, we are now offering design packages, depending on your project, which can be discussed at the proposal stage. 

This can span anything from a website redesign to the full works package with a brand update, case studies, marketing plan and assets, TOV toolkit, and more. 

At Circle we develop some complex applications. It’s important to make sure they look and feel simple, straightforward to use. Working with Luna 9 gives us the ability to offer the best of both worlds: stable, reliable and complex tools, presented in a user friendly and engaging way. It’s an extra flavour that brings everything together.” 

Circle’s Business Development Manager, Bruno Novais

If you decide on a project with both us and Luna 9, discovery workshops will be held to explore how we can best work together to achieve your needs.

Whilst the Circle team focuses on planning, building, and managing the technical functionality of your website, Luna 9 will step in to develop design and messaging support, creative assets, and deliver ongoing design work if needed.

Take a look at our partnership guide to find out more about how we work together.