CiviCRM v3.3 is out now!

The much anticipated first first stable release for CiviCRM v3.3 is now out – and it is indeed one very impressive stage in its evolution. After a much shorter release cycle, compared to CiviCRM v3.2, the team has achieved a lot in a short space of time; not least on adding to and improving the test suite. So, why’s it so good? Here are some of the cool new features that are part of CiviCRM 3.3:

  • The first version of new CiviCampaign component is now part of the 3.3 code base, and includes initial support for Canvassing, Surveys and powerful Petitions functionality.
  • Core searching capabilities have been extended to show other objects as part of Advanced Search, allowing users to do complex queries and get the Contributions that match the query.
  • Major DeDupe performance improvements. On a 65K database, the query run time dropped from 6.4 mins to 4 seconds – extremely impressive. And further DeDupe improvements are in the pipeline.
  • New extension mechanism for CiviCRM – allowing creation and distribution of plugins such as payment processors, custom search, custom report templates and more. This avoids adding too many plugins in core and allows developers to distribute the extensions in a clean and extensible manner.
  • New "sub job" functionality allows multiple threads to process one job simultaneously, significantly increasing throughput.
  • Case Reports give organisations a better overview of cases in the system. Plus a new grant report to give organisations an overview of all grants and grantees across a data range.
  • Better "session" management support for CiviEvent, allowing admin to set "max" attendees for individual price-set items, capping attendance if needed.
  • First version of database logging, so you’ll be able to see who changed what and when.
  • Address sharing between households and individuals.

For more details about updating to CiviCRM 3.3, drop us a line, or go to