Adventures in Lawn Bowls

A group of Circlers enjoyed a distinctly British pursuit last night: standing on a perfectly manicured lawn, rolling small balls towards an even smaller ball.

CIHQ happens to be just a few minutes' walk from Greville Smyth Community Bowls Club, so we decided to have a go (or a throw). And luckily, the weather was on our side.

After a warm-up pint (or some performance-enhancing drugs, as one of the group preferred to put it), we gathered our balls from our very welcoming host, and listened as he patiently expained the rules of the game. Briefly: roll your bowl so that it stops as near to the jack as possible.

It's surprisingly tricky to aim just so: the bowls are weighted on one side, which means their trajectory curves as they travel. Sadly none of us discovered any hidden talent for the game - we were uniformly mediocre, but that didn't prevent our competitive streaks from rising.

It was good, gentle, British summertime fun. Go and find your local lawn bowls club, and support them - it's probably run by volunteers, as ours as, just for the love of it.