Junior Web Developer Student Placement 2021

Circle Interactive would like to offer you work-based experience either from our office in the Create Centre in Bristol or remotely, this could be starting from July 2021. We have an outstanding track record of working with students and have offered placements over the last 11 years.

Circle Student Placement 2021- Computer Science

Join us for an opportunity to gain valuable work experience and employability skills before you graduate. Meet a network of people who will be there to help you learn.  

There will be a structured approach, support in place and you will be mentored by a more senior developer. We run regular training sessions covering recent technology advances for all developers and you would be invited to take part in these. We are looking for a motivated and enthusiastic team player.

The work will involve:

  • Working on live client projects

  • Learning and training while you work, expanding and applying that knowledge as you progress

  • Configuring CMS and CRM systems via the UI

  • Making style changes to a website, from small tweaks to turning a design into a responsive reality

  • Expanding on CMS and CRM workflows by developing Modules and Plugins

  • Interrogating and manipulating data via MySQL

  • Supporting our breadth of clients and technologies via the ticket system

  • Regularly communicating with your colleagues in the dev team, discussing issues and reporting progress

  • Asking lots of questions! The more you ask the more you’ll get out of your placement!

Desired Skills:

  • PHP

  • MySQL

  • Javascript / JQuery

  • Some knowledge of Linux

  • Comfortable navigating on the command line 

  • Version control with GIT

  • Knowledge of XHMTL/CSS especially via Bootstrap framework

  • Knowledge of content management systems - preferably some experience with Drupal and Wordpress

Things we look for are..

Enthusiasm to learn and ask questions

Collaboration for  working together

Problem solver for finding the best way for our clients

On the social side we like to go out together, compete in ping pong tournaments, and enjoy the odd pub lunch.  When we can't meet in person we tune in on a Friday to our own in house Radio Station and we keep closely in touch to everyone working remotely.  

We have a cafe in our building, showers and good bike and car parking.

Salary:  £17,000 - £18,000 depending on experience.

How to Apply:  Please fill in our easy application form


This is what our students say about their placement:

'Even in the first 3 months of this placement I have learnt so much. I am so glad that I have done this.'  Andrew de Torres

'Working at Circle has been a great experience. I was made to feel welcome from the day I started and have learned a lot during my time here. The company uses Open Source Software and, happily, contributes to the communities with both software improvements and support. I was given the opportunity to work on many interesting projects using a range of software and frameworks.'

'I really love the environment that Circle have within the office and how friendly and helpful everyone is. Also, I appreciate the learn day approach that Circle have to invest in its employees to grow and learn new things. I enjoy the daily fruits that are available which encourages healthy living and the flexi time which allows me to miss heavy traffic.'