Why Open Source?

At Circle Interactive, we use open source to develop seamless digital solutions.

The beauty of open-source software is that it is open and available to the public, meaning anyone can inspect, modify or enhance the basic design. 


What is Open Source?

The Open Source Initiative defines open source as software that provides free access to the source code to users and developers. 

To be considered open-source, it must:

  • Allow for modification
  • Allow modified versions to be distributed
  • Not discriminate against people, groups, or use cases 
  • Not have a license that restricts other software 
  • Not be tied to a particular product 


History of Open Source

The term open source was first used in 1998 after the release of web browser, Netscape’s, source code. 

This was the first time that developers and software users were encouraged to build on publicly available code.

Today's popular open-source software includes Drupal, WordPress, Linux, Moodle, Android, and more.  


Why We Use It 

Using Drupal and WordPress we can tailor projects specifically to the needs of our clients by changing the code. 

For example, we were able to seamlessly integrate the Faculty of Occupational Medicine’s e-commerce Drupal site with CiviCRM to securely manage their data. 

Using Drupal Commerce, we built customised add-ons to build a bespoke members-only area for users to update contact information, pay fees, sign up for events, and more. 

Find out why we are open source champions below. 


Enhanced Security

Plain and simple, open-source software is more robust and secure than other alternatives. 

Thanks to the worldwide open source community, any bugs or weaknesses are spotted and resolved quickly.

Github is at the home of the open-source community, where over 56 million developers have contributed to almost 2 billion projects.

Many of these projects include fixes to improve security. 


Flexible Development

Secondly, access to the source code of the software we are using allows us to modify parts of the program to tailor it to our clients’ needs. 

We can then release this development back to the community to help improve the software and expand the pool of resources available to users.


Lower Costs  

Finally, using open-source software means eliminating costly licensing fees.

It also reduces development time which leads to lower costs. 

This means that more of your resources can be dedicated to enhancing the user interface of your website and making an effective impact on your online community.


Want to give it a whirl?

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